About Amoo Net

Amoo Net is a registered company of Afghanistan's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology which provides enhanced technical expertise and qualified internet service with outstanding customer care services. Amoo Net strives to provide 99.9%uptime services by using multiple redundant internet links, automated load balancing and 24/7 monitoring.

Service We Provide

Wireless Services

Utilizing PTP, PTMP and Wi-Fi technologies, Amoo Net offers high-speed, reliable, secure and stable Wireless Internet services with maximum bandwidth efficiency and high data throughput. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ hassle-free and guaranteed connection.

Professional Networking

Amoo Net has local specialists in network installations, upgrades and network maintenance for your business to Lower your business cost and maximize your performance with proactive computer network support and network related maintenance expert team.

Security surveillance

CCTV allows you to have control over your site and record intruder activities for evidence. Also to cover your commercial site both externally and internally, you can record during day and night. We offer a complete pack of quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for surveillance systems.

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Phone#: +93 (0) 749 33 10 33

Email: sales@isp.amoogroup.com

Address: Kunduz, Afghanistan